How to Make Spider Pom Poms

There are lots of crafts to make itty bitty dangling spiders from a single yarn pom pom but this one is to make a larger, freestanding plush pet which is a little more realistic with a larger body to it, more like a furry tarantula, but still cute nonetheless.

My young daughter loved this when I made it for her since she's interested in bugs and all those creepy crawlies that some of us as not quite as keen on. A child can put this together themselves using a white PVA based glue but bear in mind that takes a while to dry. 

For speed, I used my hot glue gun. A good compromise is to let a child make the parts that they can enjoy, namely making the pom poms and wrapping and twisting the long spindly legs, while an adult assembles it together.

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How to Make Spider Pom Poms: Great Halloween Craft for Kids

Black spider made from yarn pom poms

Spider pom poms are a fun craft for kids to make for Halloween or for any bug themed craft session. Kids can make their own pom pom spider pet using this fun craft.

This craft uses two pom poms in small and large sizes so you can make a friendly Tarantula style furry spider.

Chenille stems pipe cleaners popsicle craft stick googly eyes black yarn pom poms and glue gun

Note: glue guns are for adult use only. Kids can use adhesive such as Elmer’s School Glue which is washable and non-toxic or any other brand of non-toxic white PVA glue.

What You Need: Tools and Materials:

  • 2 Different Sized Pom Poms Small and Large (link to tutorial included)
  • 4 long Chenille Stems or Bendy Pipe Cleaners
  • A Popsicle Craft Stick
  • Googly eyes or eyes drawn and cut from paper, felt or foam
  • Adhesive

Hot glue gun used to stick a black yarn pom pom onto a popsicle stick

Sticking a black pom pom onto a black craft stick to make the spider head

Step 1: I used a black Sharpie to color my popsicle craft stick black to match the color of my spider. You don't need to color the stick as it will be on the bottom but it makes it less visible when it is moved around. Kids might enjoy painting the stick as an extra activity.

You need two yarn pom poms. A smaller one will make the head section and a larger one will make the body area.

You can have them the same color which looks a little more realistic and convincing or enjoy using different colors. How about a black head and red body? Other good suggestions for colors might be brown and black, brown and orange, gray and black.

🎃 Here's my Yarn Pom Pom Tutorial using the Popular Clover Makers

You'd need to use two different sized Clover pom pom makers which is actually how they are normally sold anyway.

Otherwise there are lots of other ways to make these and you can find instructions on YouTube very easily. Once you've got your pom poms, you need to stick the smallest one at one end of the craft stick as shown.

Winding chenille stems or pipe cleaners around a craft stick

Twisting chenille stems around the stick to make legs

Step 2: Once the smaller pom pom is stuck down and secure, you need 4 long chenille stems or bendy pipe cleaners to form the spidery legs. I used two black ones and two patterned in gray and black for a bit of a contrast.

Each stem needs to be twisted and wrapped around the craft stick and this is something that children can enjoy doing - the trick is trying to get roughly equally sized legs.

Bendy black and gray stems make good legs for an arachnid

Sticking the legs into place

Step 3: Once all the legs are in place, it can help to spread them out where you want them to be and then put some adhesive along the mid section where they are twisted over the stick. This will stop them coming off easily and help fix them in place.

Black and gray fluffy yarn spider with googly eyes

Adding a bigger pom pom over the legs to make a body and adding some eyes

Step 4: Now you can stick the larger pom pom which is the body section over the middle of the legs as shown and glue on some googly eyes too. If you don't have any googly eyes, you can draw some out onto paper, card or foam then cut around them and stick those on instead.

Bend the legs up to look like a tarantula or a large furry spider and then your little fluffy pet is complete.

NOW MAKE SOME Fun Bat Pom Pom Decorations

You could add on a cute ribbon bow for a female and make a web that your new addition can enjoy for Halloween maybe. I hope you've enjoyed reading my justhalloweencrafts page today, thanks for your visit. What will you be making?

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