How to Make a Spider Web Halloween Banner

Spiders are always a popular theme for Halloween. You can make a quick and easy spider web banner using a cutting die, spiderweb doilies, or even by making paper webs by hand. These spooky cobweb designs are easy to hang thanks to their natural pattern holes.

Trick or Treat! Enjoy learning how to make a spider web banner which looks very effective as part of your Halloween decorations. Once you have the webs, which can easily be made from die cuts and even doilies, add a fun phrase across the middles using alphabet dies or stickers.

Many kids enjoy making paper spiderwebs as a Halloween paper craft. If they can make at least 3 then you'll have enough to spell out BOO to make a small but cute spiderweb garland.

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How to Make a Spider Web Halloween Banner Decoration with a Favorite Spooky Saying

How to Make a Spider Web Halloween Banner Decoration Spiderweb Garland Bunting Hanging Decor DIY Craft Tutorial Instructions

A spiderweb banner is a simple but very effective design that is just perfect for adding to your Halloween decorations. I made mine from white and silver papers to look more like the real thing but they also look great made in black and gray.

For more of a family friendly and fun vibe, why not make the spiderwebs from bright Halloween shades such as pumpkin orange, monster green, cosmic purple and blood red. I love to add fun phrases across the middle and then string onto silver cord to finish the design.

Materials and Tools to Make a Spider Web Halloween Banner

Some paper for the spiderwebs or use spider web doilies
A contrasting color of paper to cut alphabet dies or use alphabet stickers
Some cord or twine for hanging up
Dies and die cutting machine if cutting shapes

Step 1: What You Need to Make a Spiderweb Banner

Tools materials to make a spiderweb banner craft Sizzix Halloween Thinlits dies alphabet glue pen cord

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There are plenty of ways to make spiderwebs or, alternatively, buy some ready made doilies that are already shaped and cut for you. My favorite way to make spiderwebs from paper is to cut them out using my die cutting machine. That way, I can choose exactly what color I want and quickly cut as many as I need.

I'm using the small spiderweb die from the spooky Halloween Sizzix die set at to make a mini garland. You can also get this Sizzix die set from This is a great little set of dies for Halloween and especially good for making cards, scrapbooks and small decorations.

There are lots of larger spiderweb dies you could choose from if you want more of a statement banner. Kids can also make their own spiderwebs from paper. You only need 3 of these to spell out the word BOO too.

Because I'm spelling out "Trick or Treat" across my spiderweb banner, I've got an alphabet die to cut all the letters I need. You can just as easily use alphabet stickers.

Step 2: Making the Spider Webs from a Cutting Die

Die cutting Sizzix spider webs from white silver card paper for mini garland banner bunting

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

I cut out enough spider webs to spell the phrase "Trick or Treat" making sure I also had spider webs to position between the words as well. Since Trick or Treat was a longer phrase, it worked well having the smaller dies.

A small web die would also work well for spelling out Happy Halloween, 31st October and Witching Hour. Smaller phrases include Boo, Spooky and Eeek!

I wanted white and silver card for to look more like real spiderwebs when hanging up. You could choose from other popular Halloween colors such as black, bright green, orange and purple.

Step 3: Adding on Your Chosen Halloween Phrase

Adding letters to the middle of paper spider webs to spell a Halloween phrase

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

I die cut my Trick or Treat phrase from black card to contrast with the white color paper webs. You can use alphabet die cuts or stickers to spell out whatever Halloween phrase you like across the middle of your webs.

Small die cut letters can be fiddly to glue into place. Because mine were very small, I used a Quickie Glue pen. You can also use a white or liquid glue with a fine tip nozzle.

Step 4: String Up Your Spider Web Halloween Banner

String up the spider web Halloween banner garland bunting DIY

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The natural holes and gaps in each paper spiderweb makes it very easy to pass some cord or twine through. Most banners and garlands need you to punch holes in each flag piece so this is much easier.

I threaded each piece onto some silver cord ready to hang up.

The Finished Spider Web Halloween Garland Design

Trick or treat Happy Halloween banners garlands bunting spiderweb design

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

I'm really happy with how this delicate looking spiderweb banner design turned out. It finished off my decorations perfectly. I had mine strung across my display cabinet. You may have yours across a wall or suspended from a ceiling.

Simple but effective decorations are often the best. What will you make this Halloween to decorate your home with?

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