Red Devil Pom Poms for Halloween

Pom pom crafts are a lot of fun for both adults and kids to make. I enjoy coming up with characters for these fluffy balls of yarn and I really like this little red devil pom pom character which looks kind of cute. He has horns, a forked tail and his trident.

This little fella likes to hang out on our bookshelf where he sits pretty nicely but you can turn him into a hanging decoration as well if you want to attach a loop of twine at the top of his head. 

You can jazz him up even more by adding on other decorations and embellishments - how about adding lots of glitter to his horns, tail or trident spear. Let's see how he's made.

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How to Make Some Red Devil Pom Poms: Halloween Craft

Red wool or yarn pom pom decorated to look like a devil character

I used red as the main color but you could easily switch to any combinations of red, black, orange and possibly a dark purple for this make.

What You'll Need to Make Your Red Devil Pom Pom: Tools and Materials

  • 1 Yarn Pom Pom in your Choice of Devilish Color! (link to making tutorial provided)
  • 1 Long Chenille Stem or Pipe Cleaner 
  • A Popsicle Stick - Black or Natural Color
  • Black and Red Craft Foam
  • Pair of Googly Eyes
  • Adhesive  
Note: glue guns are for adult use only. Kids can use adhesive such as Elmer’s School Glue which is washable and non-toxic or any other brand of non-toxic white PVA glue.

Red pom pom with a glue gun sticking on pieces of craft foam

Make your pom pom and cut out some foam horns to stick to it

Step 1: First you need a yarn pom pom in the color that you want this little plush character to be. I chose red for this but you might try using black, dark orange or deep purple as alternative choices. A lot of crafters have their own methods for making pom poms which is great.

My preferred method is to use Clover pom pom makers which are so much easier than many of the old fashioned techniques.

🎃 Here's How to Make Pom Poms with my Favorite Clover Tool. I've tried old fashioned techniques such as wrapping yarn between layers of cardboard, using prongs of a fork or even the legs of a chair. I'm now a total convert to using a pom pom maker which makes these super easy and fast, even my young daughter can do it.

Next you need to make some horns. I used red craft foam for this which is easy to draw on and cut out but you could use card or perhaps a piece of felt stuck to card to make it stand up.

Best way to get a pair of matching horns is to draw out one horn shape to a size you like, cut it out and then trace around it to make another one which you just need to flip over to make your matching pair. The horn looks a bit like a fang or tusk shape.

Red face character with hot glue adhesive

Stick on some googly eyes to start bringing this little devil to life

Step 2: I use my hot glue gun to stick the horns into place, you just need a line of adhesive at the base of each horn (front and back) then stick it firmly into position until it is set. Kids can use a white PVA based glue but it will take longer to dry and stick the horns into place.

Stick on the googly eyes. Some googly eyes have adhesive on the back which may well stick into place if the eyes are pushed in far enough to stick to the fibers of yarn.

Black heart and trident shape cut from black craft foam and a stick

Make a tail and a trident spear very easily with foam, a chenille stem and popsicle stick

Step 3: Just a few items can make great accessories for your plush yarn character. A heart shape cut from black foam or cardboard makes a great tail when stuck to the end of a chenille stem or bendy pipe cleaner, you'll see how this looks in a photo below.

A tulip flower shape makes a great head for a trident (three pronged spear carried by the devil character) and this is stuck to the top of a black popsicle craft stick. If you don't have a black stick, it can be painted this shade or colored in with a marker. I used my black Sharpie pen.

Devilish character starting to form from the yarn craft

Attaching a tail on. Chenille stems or bendy pipe cleaners make great tails

Step 4: Here you can see the tail's now been attached. I used a red chenille stem with a black foam heart stuck to one end.

The other end is firmly stuck to the bottom of the pom pom. I used my hot glue gun for this but kids can use a PVA type of glue which will need to dry.

Black trident spear with red satin bow embellishment

Making a three pronged trident for this pom pom devil
Step 5: The three prong spear or trident is made using a piece of cut craft foam which is shaped a bit like a tulip flower and this is stuck on one end of a black craft stick. I then added a red satin bow on top as an extra detail.

Completed pom pom pet made to look like a little devil character

The finished red devil pom pom character. Fun to make and display for Halloween

Step 6: Here's the finished design. I glued the trident into one side of his body so it is attached when we pick him up.

You can decorate this little fella some more with items such as glitter and flat gems but I like him as he is. I hope you've enjoyed reading my justhalloweencrafts page today, thanks for your visit. Have fun making your own devilishly handsome little pet.

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