Halloween Perler Bead Patterns and Ideas

Fused, Hama and Halloween Perler bead patterns are just the thing to have fun crafting this Fall season. Included on this page are a range of patterns from very easy and simple motifs to medium sized designs that will keep crafty hands busy for a little while longer.

These fused Halloween Perler bead projects can be turned into other items for this Fall themed occasion. I will give ideas on what you can make with each project from jewelry to coasters, hanging decorations and more.

Many of these Halloween bead projects are ideal for groups of kids to sit at and make during parties and as part of clubs that they attend. Have fun creating something for October 31st.

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Lots of Easy and Fun Halloween Perler Bead Patterns and Ideas

halloween hama bead designs perlers patterns

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

Enjoy making some fun and easy Halloween Perler bead patterns for Halloween. These easy patterns can be turned into simple pieces of wearable jewelry and items such as coasters that you can enjoy as decorations in your home.

1: Jack 'O' Lantern and Pumpkin Perler Bead Pattern for Halloween

perler bead patterns halloween jack o lantern orange smiling pumpkin

Smiling Jack O Lantern: alternatively remove the black smiling face beads to make a pumpkin instead.

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

I like how versatile this Perler beads Halloween pattern is. You can make it up with the friendly and smiling face just as shown or, alternatively, leave the black beads out to just make a pumpkin design.

This is a small design and it can be made on a small, square Perler bead pegboard. It is ideal for Thanksgiving and the Fall season too.

What You Need to Make This:

1 small or large square pegboard
7 black beads
3 green beads
44 orange beads

orange smiling pumpkin pattern perler fused beads design

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

With this design, a good starting point is to start from the 3rd bead across from the bottom left of the pegboard. Then place 5 orange beads across to make the bottom row of the pumpkin.

Once you've placed this bottom row of orange beads, it is then easy to pop in 3 black beads in the next row up. From there, you should be able to see where the rest of the black beads go in the design.

Work around the black mouth and eyes to create the rest of the orange pumpkin design and then place 3 green beads on top to make the stalk.

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What You Can Make with Your Completed Pumpkins

1: Turn it into a necklace pendant
2: Glue on a popsicle stick at the back to make a bookmark
3: Thread some cord through to make a hanging decoration
4: Stick it on the front of a card or gift tag
5: Glue to the front of party favor bags

2: Spooky Perler Bead Eyeball Design Pattern

halloween perler bead patterns eyeball design

Make a striking eerie looking eyeball design with fused beads

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

This is a fun pattern and pretty easy to make since it follows the contours of a small round pegboard. You can get the essential shaped pegboards as part of the basic pegboard set or you may already have a circle board to use.

The circle board is great for many round designs and motifs and is the easiest way to make up your own spooky looking eyes.

What You Need to Make This:

1 Small Circle Pegboard
43 Black Beads
42 White Beads
12 Red Beads
30 Green Beads

round eyeball beads pattern

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

Start from dead center of the pegboard with 1 black bead in the middle. Now add 6 black beads around this in a circle which creates the black pupil of the eye.

Next, add in two rows of circles to make a green colored iris which is the colored part of the eye. I chose green because it works for Halloween, you could choose blue, brown or another eye color.

For the next two rows, I found it much easier to fill these in with white beads and then remove some of the white beads with Perler bead tweezers and then add in some red beads. The red beads make the eyes look bloodshot. You may find it easier to follow the pattern as it is.

Finish the design with a black circle outline. If you want to make a coaster for drinks, it will help to add in a final row of transparent beads to make it just a bit larger for drinks to sit on top of.

What You Can Make with Your Completed Eyeballs

1: Some drink coasters, you can back them with felt
2: Eyeball hanging decorations by adding some cord or string
3: Pop on top of cupcakes as some cool toppers
4: Use glow in the dark perler beads to make spooky wall and ceiling decorations

3: Skeleton and Skull Perler Bead Patterns

halloween perler bead designs white and black skull hama fused

This small skeleton skull head motif is quick and easy to make

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

This is one of the smaller Halloween patterns to make with Perler beads. It is quick to make once you've done a few and that makes it a good motif to use to make small items with when you need quite a few for a party or occasion.

Although this one is in black and white, you could make this skull from other fun colors like bright neon pink and black or pumpkin orange.

What You Need to Make This:

1 small square pegboard
13 Black Beads
38 White Beads

black and white mini skull beads design

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

For this small motif, I like to start off with the black bead which goes where the nose should be in between the eyes. This black bead is located 5 beads across and 4 beads up.

It makes a good starting point because once you have that bead in you can then quickly add in the black eye sockets and then start adding white beads around them.

See How to Make Skull Earrings for Halloween Using This Design

What You Can Make with Your Completed Small Skulls

1: A necklace for Halloween
2: A pair of earrings
3: Glue a wood toothpick to the back to make a cupcake topper
4: Thread cord through to make gift tags
5: Stick onto party favor bags

halloween sugar skull fused beads hama

Here's a larger sugar skull pattern to make

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

See My Tutorial to Make Perler Bead Sugar Skulls Here

Sugar skulls are bright and colorful skulls that you can create with beads. I show you how to make a colorful design and also how to make a basic template so you can work your own choice of bright colors in instead.

4: Creepy Cobweb Spider Web Perler Bead Pattern

webs spider cobwebs bead design black green orange

Spider's webs are fun to make and can be hung up for Halloween

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

See My Photo Tutorial to Make Perler Bead Spider Webs Here

Using a small hexagon shaped pegboard, you can make some fun spider webs in different color schemes. I've used these designs to make fun cupcake toppers for spider themed cupcakes. These could look really good made with glow in the dark or glitter Perler beads.

5: How to Make a Perler Bead Candy Corn

mini perler fused bead candy corn for halloween

Candy Corns are very easy to make using star shape pegboards

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

These mini candy corn are the simplest and easiest Halloween design I know that you can make. You need a star shape pegboard to create each little motif.

What You Need to Make This:

1 star shaped pegboard
5 white Perler beads
9 orange Perler beads
11 yellow Perler beads

candy corn motif design

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

You can make this pattern on a five pointed star or a six pointed Perler bead star pegboard. Place one of the points so it is facing down towards you.

Ignore the first row and start by placing 2 white beads on the 2nd row up from the point.

Next row place 3 white beads.

The next row put 4 dark orange beads, then 5 orange beads on the following row.

Now swap to a lighter orange or a yellow and place 6 beads in the next row. For the final row, use the same color and place 5 beads down across the middle.

What You Can Make with Your Completed Candy Corn

1: Some small earrings
2: A fun Perler bead necklace to wear
3: Glue wooden toothpicks to the back to make cupcake toppers
4: Add a popsicle stick to the back to make a bookmark
5: Add some self adhesive magnet to make a refrigerator decoration

6: Larger Wizard or Witch Owl Pattern

harry potter witch wizard owl hama fused beads

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

Fun witch and wizard Halloween owls

Learn to Make these Witch and Wizard Owls Here

I think of these as my Harry Potter inspired owls. The owl patterns look like really cute witches and wizards with their hats on. See how to make them with a detailed step by step tutorial.

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