Halloween Boo Banner Craft Tutorial

This DIY BOO banner in card and paper is quick and easy to make up for your Halloween decorations because it only has 3 pennant flag sections, one for each of the letters used.

I made this banner in grays and blacks with just a hint of pumpkin orange and white for the letters to make them really pop out as you can see from the photo. If you don't have time to stretch to making a large garland, banner or section of bunting, this smaller design is ideal for you to make.

The triangular flag sections come from a free printable template which is one that I use for a number of crafts and you can print out large lettering from a computer, draw them out yourself, use a stencil or even buy some extra large chipboard letters.

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Halloween Boo Banner Craft Tutorial: Quick and Cute Garland to Make

Paper handmade Boo garland hung across a mirror as decoration

This smaller design is perfect for decorating and adorning mirrors, fireplaces and mantelpieces, across doors and for feature areas that you want to draw attention to - in a good way.

I opted to print mine out using Word on my computer which was quick and easy to do. Come and see exactly how this is made with the step by step tutorial and photos below.

Materials and Tools Needed:

3 plain gray triangle flag sections with 3 scrapbook paper pieces

Cut out triangles for your banner flags from scrapbook paper and card

Step 1: The first thing to do is make up your initial triangles for the 3 main flag sections in this banner.

I used three different shades of Bazzill cardstock in gray for the larger triangle sections and three smaller triangles which will sit in the middle cut from patterned scrapbook papers also in grays.

I used the free printable template here to make the flags.

Double sided tape sticks the triangle flag onto a plain orange color cardstock

Mounting up the flag sections onto orange color Bazzill card

Step 2: This is an optional step but I wanted to add just a hint of a Fall pumpkin orange to the design so I mounted all the smaller triangle pieces up onto orange color Bazzill cardstock.

I mounted them up using double sided tape which gives a pretty flawless finish. It's one of my favorite adhesives to use with paper crafting because of the neat look.

3D foam pads or squares are used to mount up the paper, craft tweezers help to take the backs off

Adding 3D foam squares gives a nice raised effect

Step 3: You could just stick your smaller triangle flag sections into the middle of the larger ones and be done with it. However, I'm not a fan of decorations that look flat. It always looks good to add in a little dimension and a more professional finish.

Spooky Boo Paper Pad Halloween Crafts Crafting3L Scrapbook Adhesive Permanent Pre-Cut 3D Foam Mounting SquaresScrapbook Customs Themed Paper and Stickers Scrapbook Kit, HalloweenAmerican Crafts BOOtiful Night 6 x 6 Inch 36 Sheet Paper Pad Halloween

I use 3D foam pads or squares which are spaced out on the back of the triangle. Once you've got them all stuck down, you can peel off the backing papers on the backs of the foam pads with a long nail or a pair of craft tweezers.

3 triangular paper flag bunting sections in grays, blacks and orange colors

Mounting up the triangular flag sections

Step 4: Stick the smaller, inner, triangle neatly inside the larger one which you've cut from gray color cardstock. Complete all the flag triangles in this way until you have 3 made up like in the photo above. Gray works really well with that tiny pop of orange.

Printed BOO letters stuck onto cardboard backing with a Zig glue pen

Printing off BOO lettering to use as templates

Step 5: Here's where I use Word on my computer to print off a nice large letter B and O to make some quick letter templates.

You could opt for some large chipboard letters, cut some from your paper cutting machine like a Cricut or use a stencil instead. If you use a stencil, you can skip through the letter making. But I'm showing you how I made the BOO wording which I'm really pleased with.
Zig Memory System Large Two Way Glue Pen, Carded, Chisel TipCurved Tweezers

Print off a large capital letter B and O twice. Make sure the letters will actually fit onto your triangle flag sections that you made earlier.

You need to stick a whole B and O onto a piece of thick card (a used cereal packet will do) and from the other set of letters you need the inside of the O and the inside of one of the inside pieces of the B.

Boo letters alphabet sections for a Halloween craft and a Zig glue pen

Making letter templates for this project

Step 6: This photo shows all the letter pieces stuck on to card and cut around to make quick and handy templates that you can make some very cool lettering with.

White cardstock BOO letters cut out with black inside pieces

Cutting out the letters from white glitter card and black card

Step 7: I choose a really gorgeous white glitter card for the full letters and plain black card for the inner sections of the letters. Trace around your templates and cut out all the pieces as shown in the photo.

3D foam pads are used with craft tweezers to make lettering that pops

Stick the black letter inners on top of the white glitter card

Step 8: Again, I go back to using the 3D foam pads to stick the black pieces of card in place to make up the wording as shown. It looks really effective.

A stapler is fixing black ribbon to the top of the pennant flag bunting sections

Staple, thread or glue some ribbon or cord across the top of the flag sections

Step 9: Now stick the letters onto your triangle flag sections near the top. I used the 3D foam to layer these up and add more height to the banner.

All you need now is to assemble the finished design. To do this, I found a long length of black ribbon which I stapled on across the tops of the flag pieces. You could use a different adhesive and perhaps a low temperature glue gun.

A small handmade banner or garland decorates a mirror for Halloween

Boo banner used across a mirror

Here's the completed design strung across our mirror for Halloween where it fits perfectly. You can also see how to make the black bird cutouts here on the blog.  See how we recycled the Boo banner for this year's decorations just below.

Apothecary cabinet with Halloween banner and props

Boo banner used across a shelving cabinet

This year we changed things up and strung the banner across the top of this Halloween themed cabinet. I added a couple of layers of fabric across the top to hide the top shelves which have completed Lego sets on and then strung up the Boo wording over the top.

The rest of the cabinet has been decked out with props such as potion bottles, candles, witch themed books and a spell book. You can find out how to make the spell book with the link below in the related posts section. Let me know how you get on with this craft in the comments. I'd love to see how yours turns out.

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