Black Crow Craft Cutouts for Halloween

This post will show you how you can easily rustle up some very creepy and realistic looking silhouettes of black Crows and birds to make spooky decorations for Halloween.

One very easy and effective way to create a chilling ambiance and scene for the spook time season is to create your own large black bird decorations cut from paper. Since this is so quick and easy, it works very well as a last minute craft too.

This craft which features free stencils and templates of Ravens and Crows for you to printout and use as templates will show you how you can quickly make up your own very simple and inexpensive wall decor in order to really freak out your guests out this Fall season.

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Black Crow Craft Cutouts for Halloween: How to Make Haunting Bird Decor

Black bird crow raven paper cutout designs

I love the brilliant crow silhouettes by Martha Stewart that you can buy pre-made for Halloween. But why waste money paying for something that you can easily make yourself? So here's how to create your very own, even better, spooky cut-outs that make fantastic decor for your walls.

🎃 While I really love birds, many people get quite creeped out by them and especially the larger black varieties consisting of crows, rooks, ravens and jackdaws. This highlights just one of the reasons why Hitchcock's movie The Birds was so successful. 

It was because it essentially tapped into a very real and underlying fear that so many people have of these dark, flying creatures with little beady eyes that are always watching. These are simple, cheap and very effective decorations that really set the tone for October 31st.

I used a mixture of plain black craft foam and also black cardstock (smooth and textured) to make my crow silhouette cut-outs. Using a variety of materials to make these decorations added to their effectiveness once stuck up on the wall because it stopped them from looking all the same and too flat. This year, I think I'm going to add in a few feathers to add to the overall look.

Materials and Tools that You'll Need:

Printed sheets featuring black bird designs

Print out some pictures of black birds, ravens and crows - free printables provided

Step 1: On my free bird silhouette page listed in the Materials and Tools section above, you'll find a selection of different bird motifs that you can choose to save and print out.

Of course you can also look for and find your own photos to print out and use, or even draw your own birds from scratch or use a stencil if you have one. But I printed off a selection of free public domain photos and shapes at different sizes onto paper so I could turn them into cardboard templates very easily.

Drawing claws onto a printed image of a bird

Alter each image if you need to in order to add more realistic details

Step 2: Once the silhouettes were printed out onto plain white paper, I altered some of the motifs to add in better and more realistic details - namely with the claws by just drawing over the top of the printed design.

Using a glue pen to stick a black motif onto cardboard

Stick the bird motif on to some thick card

Step 3: Draw a rough outline about 1 inch around the outside of the whole printed motif and then cut this out. You don't want to cut right around the actual shape of the bird at this point.

Glue the paper onto some stiff cardboard - I like my Zig glue pens which come in different sizes. I use whatever thick card we have available which is normally recycling cereal or food packaging.

Making cardboard templates from printed images>

Make a number of these birds in different sizes and shapes

Step 4: Make several of these by using different printouts of birds or even the same printout in a number of different sizes. Variety is good because it can add to the realism of the whole effect.

If they are all exactly the same then your guests will know they are fake right away and they don't create such a creepy atmosphere.

Black bird cardboard templates

Cut out the birds to make your own DIY templates for tracing around

Step 5: Cut carefully all around the bird shapes in order to make up your cardboard templates. You now have a selection of templates and stencils that can be re-used every Halloween to create your paper cut-outs.

I store all my cardboard templates flat in ring binders so I can find them easily and so they can be used again.

Drawing around a printed template onto paper

Trace around a bird template onto black card, paper or craft foam

Step 6: Now start tracing all around your templates onto black cardstock, paper or onto black craft foam. If you use a normal HB pencil, you should just be able to see the gray outline where you are tracing around the shapes. Or you can try a white coloring pencil or a white chalk pencil instead.

Bird motifs cut from black paper and card

Use a variety of materials to get different texture effects

Step 7: Cut out your decorations out - you can see I've used a variety of materials to make my cut-outs including textured papers. I use blu tack to stick them onto the wall.

You can use the completed bird cut-out silhouettes on a flat surface like a wall or arranged around a mirror as I've done here. Try them on a garland as well.

Decorated mirror with boo banner and black bird cut out decorations

Add the finished birds to your decor: on walls, mirrors, shelves and more

More Ways to Craft with Black Birds

There are plenty of cool ways to introduce this freaky theme into your themed decor. Craft stamps are great and you could use those to quickly repeat the same motifs onto handmade cards, invitations and table place names.

Fabrics can be used to quickly make cushions, placemats, framed features for walls and table runners. And if you're feeling lazy, just look for and buy Martha Stewart's silhouette cut-outs instead. I hope you've enjoyed reading my justhalloweencrafts page today, thanks for your visit. Don't forget to get the free printables that you can use too.

Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds movie, after all these years, is still classed as one of the very best horror films of all time. The reason why that still holds is because he really made people view these beautiful creatures in an entirely different and rather freaky light.

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  1. Thank you for these great silhouettes, I love crows for fall decor, a little creepy but not too scary. I have a huge window on my front porch that
    I am going to use these patterns to decorate. Should be fun!


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