DIY Happy Halloween Banner and Free Printables

Happy Halloween! Make a stylish vintage look creepy DIY Happy Halloween banner from paper and card to hang across your walls. Greet friends and family as they walk into a room in your home or a room dressed for a party event.

This striking design has been made using black card stock and printed antique style images with just some bright glitter letters and ribbon for added decoration. It's pretty easy to make and really looks amazing too.

We got loads of great comments about this banner last year because it is so eye-catching and takes up lots of wall space. Grab the free printables so you can make one very similar.

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Make This Easy DIY Happy Halloween Banner With Free Printables

Crow and Butterfly Pennant Flag Sections from a DIY Handmade Banner

Materials and Tools Needed
  • Twine or some cord for hanging your banner
  • 14 sheets of plain black cardstock
  • 7 sheets of plain white paper or card for printing
  • Printable designs for your banner here on this site
  • Grosgrain ribbon to embellish (optional)
  • Glitter letter stickers or alphabet chipboard letters
  • Glue / Adhesive
  • A paper punch
  • Scissors and/or a paper trimmer
  • A printer or you can make your own images

Selection of printed sheets of paper with black and white images on sepia backgrounds

Grab the free printable images to quickly make your own DIY Happy Halloween banner
Step 1: I've provided 14 free creepy images on 7 printable sheets for you to save to your own computer and print out. You can access all these free designs here on a separate page of this blog.

You will need all 14 images for this banner design although you can repeat some favorites instead of using the 14 different ones available. I printed all mine off on to some plain white paper.

You can use paper or card in white or pale cream for best results. Cut all of the images out. The quickest way is to use a paper trimmer or guillotine to get those nice straight edges.

Black and white bat image cut out and mounted onto a pennant flag section

Print out and stick the images onto black card

Step 2: The quick way is to just stick all your image straight down onto some black card. Note that for this I've cut the black card so that it's a tall rectangle shape with enough space at the bottom to stick my chosen glitter letter stickers to spell out "Happy Halloween" at the bottom.

If you get one piece of black card cut to the size you want, it's easy to use that as a template so you can quickly draw around it to make the other black card pieces the same size.

The longer way, which is what I've done here in the photo, is to first mount up the image onto some colored card or paper. I chose a pearl candy pink paper to make a nice little border. And then mount this section up on to the black card using some 3D foam squares behind.

The 3D foam squares give a little bit of lift to the whole thing. This second, longer, way will result in a nicer finished product which (if you plan to re-use your banner from year to year, as I do) has more of a wow factor to it.

Black and white crow bird design on sepia background mounted onto pennant flag section

Mount up all the images onto black card

Step 3: Repeat this process for all the images and mount them up in the same way onto the black card. You can see how effective these designs look set against black.

DIY handmade paper flag sections with bird, birdcage, key, and butterfly images

Add glitter letter stickers to spell out Happy Halloween or your choice of message

Step 4: Now use your glitter letter stickers (I had candy pink but you can get your choice of fun chipboard letters) across the designs to spell out "Happy Halloween" or your own choice of wording.

I stuck my letters down with glue dots. If they are stickers with adhesive on the back, they should just stick to the design.

Section of a paper banner bunting with crow and butterfly designs and ribbon decoration

Punch holes at the top of each card and thread onto cord or twine for hanging

Step 5: Punch a hole near the top of every corner of each pennant flag piece that you've made for the banner. Then you can thread a long piece of twine or cord through ready for hanging up across the wall. I also added on some cute pieces of decorative ribbon tied across the twine as shown.

Trick or treat wall decoration in black with handmade garland bunting underneath

Hang up your completed DIY Happy Halloween banner design

All that remains is to hang up your finished design and make sure the words are spaced out so they are nice and clear to read from a distance. We hung this right under a black glitter Trick or Treat sign from our local "dollar" store.

I hope you've enjoyed reading my justhalloweencrafts page today, thanks for your visit. You can let me know about your decorating plans for this occasion below. Has this inspired you to make your own?

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