Halloween Free Flying Lessons Witch Printable

All wannabe witches really need some decent flying lessons for Halloween to avoid unfortunate accidents. Get your own free, witch Halloween printable poster to hang up for the occasion.

You'll find a short tutorial plus the Halloween free flying lessons witch printable freebie poster print on this page. Nothing to sign up for, just download, print and hang up this Fall season.

This wall hanging would look good set next to a broomstick prop hung on the wall or placed on a door. It is the ideal design to use for some witch themed decor this Fall season.

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Halloween Flying Lessons Witch Free Printable Design

free halloween poster print printable free broomstick flying lessons witch

Download and print off your own Flying Lessons witch themed small poster print as a quick, last minute Halloween wall decoration.

Tutorial to Make A Hanging Witch Poster Print

Halloween poster to print and hang up

Print out your free Witch Flying Lessons Halloween design which is near the end of this page.

I printed my design onto plain white paper, leaving a white border around the outside in order to have space to trim the design and mount up on to colored card. Printing on to smooth white card is best if you have it.

black orange card for layering Halloween poster

Trim the design and choose a couple of card colors for mounting the print up.

Trim the design up using scissors or a guillotine. Choose a couple of card colors for mounting the design on to. I used Bazzill Basics cardstock in black and orange. I love the texture you get on this Bazzill card.

black card mounting print frame

First mount up the print onto some black card.

Mount up the design on to black card. I prefer to use double-sided tape for mounting prints but you can use glue such as a glue stick.

Adding black and orange border for Halloween witch flying lessons print

Now mount the print onto the orange card for a nice Halloween style look.

Mount the print onto orange card which makes for a nice and sturdy wall hanging. If you store this flat after Halloween, you can re-use the design next year as well.

Hole punch to make holes in card for adding string to hang

Punch holes in the top of the design for hanging it up.

If you want to hang this poster print up, punch a couple of holes near the top so you can thread cord or twine through. Alternatively, you can use blu tack to stick this flat to the wall or a flat surface such as a door.

You can add on your own detail with glitter and craft accessories such as ribbon bows.

Make the design your own by adding on your own choice of detail. I added some glitter detail using Stickles glitter glue which you can see along the witch's broomstick. I also added in a star and a ribbon bow to the witch hat.

The Free Printable Witch Flying Lessons Poster

Click on the image to open up the full size which is best for printing and choose "Save As" or "Save Image As" to download it.

Enjoy your free printable for Halloween!

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