Mask Craft Kits for Kids this Halloween

Mask sets and kits to buy

Part of the fun with the Halloween season is to be able to create your own fun outfits and costumes to wear. With the aid of some cool kits, kids can make up and design their own masks using a variety of crafting techniques and methods.

Mask making can often be good as an individual activity for older children and also when used as part of a group activity or even a family make and craft day. These simple pieces of face wear can be very effective at transforming a child into the character they want to be and to dress up as.

Making masks can be as easy as using some very simple materials such as paper, card, felt and foam or slightly more complex with those formed out of plaster and paper mache. Here are some great ideas for sets that are readily available to buy that will suit both younger and older artistic and creative children.

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Masks for kids to decorate

Kit to Make 10 Masks with Pre-Cut Shapes and Embellishments

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This set, recommended for ages 6 and over, has 10 mask forms with elastic cords ready to be decorated with pre-cut fun shapes such as hats, glasses, hair and lips. Also included are double sided sticky squares (so you don't have to use messy glue) as well as colored pom poms, fringed paper, jewels and more.

If you also provide some marker pens, colored crayons and perhaps some glitter glue (coloring implements are not included) then this is a project that could keep children happy and entertained for some time.

Halloween Mask Craft Kit - Crafts for Kids and Hats Masks, 1 dozen Assorted Masks9PCS Halloween Mask Craft Kit - For Kids All Ages, Party, Halloween, Dress-Up, Prop, Costume With Elastic Strap

Younger children can get very creative with a set like this one and really use their imagination to create a face for a character such as a person like a pirate, an animal or  whatever can be thought up. It’s a good group activity and ideal for a Halloween party or a birthday party in the run up to this occasion. You could even have prizes for the best masks made.

Note: you really need to supply marker pens, paints or crayons so that the masks can be transformed from plain white backgrounds to something more colorful and creative. Paints are a messy option and often better when used outdoors. You could also transform these with glitter glue sticks or by sticking pieces of colored tissue paper on top.

Plaster mask making kit for ages 7 plus

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This set is aimed at a slightly older age range for 7 plus years and may require some adult supervision. Plaster gauze is used which hardens in water to the required shape. Mask forms to make full and half masks are provided. These plaster pieces can then be painted and decorated. This set provides paints, glitter, feathers and rhinestones to decorate but you can of course add on your own craft embellishments as well to keep children busy and creating for longer.

Once completed, this costume accessory can be used for Halloween as well as for general dressing up fun. What type of activities would you recommend in the run up to October 31st? Let me know in the comments below.

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