Easy How to Make a Tulle Wreath for Halloween

Tulle wreaths are easy for most people to have a go at making and they can be made in a matter of hours too. See how easy it is to make a tulle wreath for Halloween that you can display.

This fabric is a stiffer netting which makes it ideal since it will stand vertically and not just flop down as most fabrics would. It's ideal to use this netting for any decorations that you will use certainly indoors. 

Tulle can be used outdoors on a fine day but remember to bring it inside overnight as damp will not benefit it at all. You are better off using a unique and much stiffer material called Deco Mesh for items that you want to place outdoors and that's because it's more weatherproof.

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Easy How to Make a Tulle Wreath for Halloween

Purple and green witch on a broomstick wreath

Come see how to make this fun design which you can hang up inside your home for a frightful Halloween.

Here's What You Need to Make This Tulle Wreath for Halloween:
  • A wreath base which you can buy or make, tutorials to make these are listed below
  • Twine or cord to hang up the finished design 
  • Tulle strips in your choice of 2-5 colors and around 2-4 inches wide and 12-15 inches long
  • Embellishments: I used fabric pom poms and a dollar store Witch design
  • Scissors and a hot glue gun 

Black tulle fabric tied to a circle of wire

Step 1: First you need a wreath base. I made a wire one for this project although I actually prefer using cardboard ones.

You can buy wreath bases and frames to use usually from wire or styrofoam although I prefer to make mine for no cost from whatever I have to hand. Here's my tutorials on making your own base to use:

🎃 How to make a DIY cardboard wreath base

You make your frame the size that you want it. It really depends where you plan to hang it up and whether you just want a small mini arrangement or a really large statement piece.

So measure up where you plan to hang it and don't forget that the tulle netting will easily add on several inches either side of the edges of the frame.

I like to start with one color of netting and space that first color evenly around the frame, leaving gaps in between for the other colors to come.

🎃 Here's how to tie the tulle strips onto the base of your wreath.

Black and purple tulle strips tied to a wire wreath frame

Step 2: In between the black tulle, I add in a second color choice which is purple. Now it's starting to fill out the frame a little.

Black and purple strips attached to a diy wire base

Step 3: In this one I've added in 2 lots of purple strips between all the black ones which just about covers the wire frame.

It still looks kinda sad at this point so you still need to keep on going to make a nice full wreath design.

Black, purple and silver glitter fabrics tied around the wire base

Step 4: That's more like it! Now I've added in some black netting with silver glitter flowers and the whole thing looks nice and full enough for what I have in mind.

You could keep adding at this point and especially if you are leaving the middle section open. However, I'm covering mine over with a witchy decoration.

$1 store black glitter witch on green paper circle backing

Step 5: I got this black glitter witch from the dollar store and it is just the right size to fill the middle of my wreath.

However, since it is black, it doesn't stand out or contrast enough from the fabric I've used for the tulle strips. So I have cut out a large circle of bright green card and stuck her on top using hot glue.

White lace ruffled edging to a witch and background

Step 6: The idea of adding in a white lace ruffle took my fancy so I used a glue gun to fix the lace to the back of the green card.

Black and purple Halloween witch wreath made with tulle and pom poms

Step 7: Before I stuck the witch section in place, I added some wide purple ribbon at the bottom and stuck it to the back of the design. Then I used the hot glue to stick the witch down and added some purple silk fabric pom poms on top to finish it all off.

🎃 Tutorial to Make Fabric Pom Poms

Witchy wreath design with netting and fabric pom poms

Step 8: Here is the finished design. You can make your own design unique by choosing your own range of colors to fit with your decor for this occasion.

Perhaps you want more of a Fall look in oranges, creams and browns or more of a vampire look in black, red and white. You don't need to add a motif in the middle or you could just add in some lettering to spell out something like BOO.

Silver purple and black themed witch wreath for Halloween

Here is the wreath design updated for this year. I took off the monster green background and added in a glitter silver backing card instead which works better along with all the silver and purple colors I've used this year.

The great thing is that you can change things up from year to year to refresh the decs that you already have. Get creative and have lots of fun.

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