Making Wreaths for Halloween with Mesh

Guests to your home and Trick-or-Treaters will get a wonderful welcome with a wicked wreath for Halloween displayed on your front door. You may even prefer to choose to hang it up inside your home instead on an interior wall or propped up on the fireplace mantel.

A decorative ring form adorned with ribbons, feathers, twigs, paper or other fun materials can make a really eye-catching centerpiece wherever you opt to place it. You can easily make your own DIY Halloween wreaths using a mesh fabric.

Just below, you can see how to make your own wreath for this occasion worked from the material called Deco Mesh complete with written instructions and a video to follow.

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Making Halloween Wreaths Using Mesh Fabric

instructions to make a mesh wreath for Halloween

This page explains how this is done and the items you need. If you are struggling to find a wreath that you really love or you're into crafts and you'd love to have a go at making this popular door decoration, then here's some ideas to get you started in the right direction.

🎃 Lots of people use Deco Mesh to make wreaths because this clever material is fine to use both inside and out the home and you’ll be left with a wonderful and sturdy garland design that you can bring out for October the 31st each year.

If you want a wreath for the interior of your home then consider making one from tulle netting instead which can work much out easier and cheaper.

Make Interior Wreaths from Tulle Netting - My Tutorial Here

Instructions on How to Make Exterior Wreaths from Deco Mesh

STEP 1) You need a wire wreath frame which gives you the size and basic shape for your design. Before you choose your frame, think about where the finished product is going to be placed because it’s going to be larger than the basic frame when complete. So you’ll need to take the size into account.

Measure your door, wall, window or wherever it is going to be hung. You can make a wire wreath frame yourself but for the time it would take versus the cost of buying one is something you’ll need to consider.

STEP 2) One very easy way to secure the Deco Mesh to the frame is by using Chenille Stems or pipe cleaners which are easy to find and come in a wide range of color choices.

You really want to find a color that matches with the color of mesh that you’ve chosen. For Halloween that is likely to be black and orange or maybe a bewitching purple or a monster green even.

If you think you’ll be making lots of wreaths, just buy a big mixed color box. You want to tie lots of these stems around the wire mesh leaving evenly spaced intervals of a couple of inches.

STEP 3) Choose some Deco Mesh for your project. Orange is a popular choice and so is black. But you don’t have to stick to one color, you could choose a couple to alternate around the wire wreath frame. It’s best to stick to widths of this material that are the same if you’re choosing different colors to use.

You basically scrunch up the material across its width and tie the end on to the first chenille stem then make a loop before tying it down with the next stem. Then make another loop and secure and so on until you get to the end of the wreath. The video I’ve linked to below will show you this basic and simple method for making your own.

Be careful when choosing a wreath since some of them are really not suitable for outdoor use unless the weather is fine all the time.

Designs that use the special deco mesh material shown above can be used indoors or out but some others made with feathers and silk flowers are not ideal if they might get wet. Black designs can look hauntingly stylish for the spook-time season.

Wreaths as Ancient Symbols for the Fall Season

Wreaths are ancient symbols and date back at least to ancient Roman and Greek times where they would be worn as crowns to express a high status or even to celebrate a victory in the age-old Olympic Games.

Wreaths were hung on doors in ancient times too and were used in the Fall season this way as a kind of devotion to the Harvest season. Harvest time was an important one since people’s lives could actually depend on the yield of the crop each year.

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