Easy Halloween Tissue Paper Garland Tutorial

This is a quick and easy craft to make a simple hanging decoration or garland using tissue paper. It's so quick and easy that kids can learn to make this too. They will need to know how to fold concertina or accordion style, how to cut with scissors and how to tie a double knot.

Many age 7+ children will have some or all of the skills to create this easy Halloween tissue paper garland. We choose to make this using black and orange tissue paper for the Fall season. 

Black and a nice pumpkin orange fit with our theme well but you may want to choose ghostly white, grays, purples, monster greens, blood reds or other colors that work with your own choice of decorations around the home.

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Easy Halloween Tissue Paper Garland Craft Tutorial

Black and orange color tissue paper decoration on the staircase

You can make it from thicker papers too although the thicker sheets make it slightly harder and more difficult to put together.

Materials and Tools Needed
  • Tissue papers in your choice of colors
  • Twine or cord that you can knot
  • Scissors
  • Sticky tape (optional) 

Black and orange tissue papers folded up and cut to size

Step 1: Take a whole sheet of tissue with the longest side laid out before you and do a concertina or accordion fold down the whole thing.

A concertina fold is where you make a zig zag shape in the paper. I made my folds around an inch in height.

Once a whole sheet was folded, I cut this into 4 similar sized rectangular strips as shown in the photo above.

On some of the strips I cut the ends into pointed V shapes and on others I cut a rounded U shape - these look different when you come to the unfolding process later on.

Strips of folded paper tied onto some twine or cord at intervals

Step 2: Keep folding sheets until you have lots of folded strips in the colors you want for your finished decoration. I made lots in black and orange.

Cut off a long piece of cord or twine (it needs to be longer than the area where it will be hung) and tie the folded strips on at regular intervals.

To tie a strip on, lay it vertically across the twine or string and make a double knot across the middle to secure the folded tissue in place.

Black and orange color strips of paper tied onto cord

Step 3: Tie on the paper strips in the color order that you want. I alternated my colors down the length of twine. Keep adding until you have enough.

Black tissue fanned out to make a rosette

Step 4: Once all the tissue pieces are added, you can start gently pulling at the tops and bottoms of each piece to fan the folds out wide as shown. It is quick to do and makes a nice rosette shape.

Sticky tape used to stick the Halloween decoration into position

Step 5: If you like, you can use some sticky tape to stick the bottom part of the unfolded fan to the top part so they meet in the middle. You don't need to do this, it just looks a little neater.

Orange and black tissue decoration hung on the staircase with skeletons

Now you can hang up your completed decoration. We put ours down the staircase but you can hang these across walls, doors, mirrors, mantelpieces and more to quickly add in some color for this occasion.

The tissue paper garlands are simple and very inexpensive to make and looks like a row of pretty flowers.

The skeletons were dollar store additions which were added on to the stairs as well. I hope you've enjoyed reading my justhalloweencrafts page today, thanks for your visit. Let me know what you'll be making in the comments below.

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