How to Make a Maleficent Horn Headband

We already made a simple elasticated mask for this character which is ideal as a last minute Halloween craft because it's so quick and easy.

This tutorial is to make a Maleficent horned headband which takes a little longer to make but looks better. This looks especially good with long dark hair, because it is easy to slip on and off and the headband looks almost invisible. This means the curved horns stand out even more.

See how to make this costume headband hair accessory with this step by step photo tutorial and get the free template to print off too.

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How to Make a Maleficent Horn Headband With Free Template to Print

Girl wearing a black DIY horn headband see the craft tutorial

Enjoy this step by step photo tutorial on how to make a Maleficent horn headband with a free printable horns template to use.

What You Need to Make this Maleficent Horn Headband

  • 1 plain black headband hair accessory
  • 1 piece of thick black card, craft foam or sturdy plastic sheet
  • Some light colored card to print the free template
  • Black elastic cord or twine
  • Pencil, scissors and a hole punch

Maleficent paper template, black cardstock, headband hair accessory

Print out the free template linked to above

Step 1: Use the free printable horns template linked to above in the what you need section to print out the design onto a light colored piece of (preferably) card or paper.

Cut this horns design out and then use this as a template to draw around onto a black piece of cardstock, craft foam or even plastic.

🎃 You may need to use a light color pencil like a white one or a chalk pencil to make your markings over the black. Alternatively you can tape your design down with a low tack sticky tape and cut around it.

Be aware that you don't need the whole of this template design to make your headband. I've positioned the template on the paper here in the photo above roughly as you need to draw around it. You'll see why in the steps coming up.

Black card and pencil to make a costume headband

Trace around the template onto black card or foam and position headband on top

Step 2: Now place your headband at the bottom of the black card or foam and position it so that it becomes a nice guide for you to trace around and get your horns to fit your chosen headband perfectly.

You want to leave an inch or so from the middle of the design to keep this nice and sturdy as you wear it. You can see the shape of this with the next photo for an idea of where to trace and cut.

Black horns cut from card and a plain black head band

Cut the design out and you'll see it should fit neatly on top

Step 3: This photo above makes it clear where you cut to make the correct shape to fit your chosen head band perfectly.

Hole punch, black horns design, hair band and cord

Use sticky tape, cord or a glue gun to fix the horns on top of the headband

Step 4: There are a number of ways to attach the horns onto your headband. The simplest one is probably to use sticky tape on the back which wraps around the hair accessory and sticks to the back of the design.

The issue with using sticky tape is that, although quick and easy, it can catch in the hair when worn and it can then pull apart easily.

🎃 Another option (and a quick one) is for an adult to use a hot glue gun to draw a fine line of melted adhesive along the back rim of the design and then carefully stick the headband to it.

This is a better option than tape and also fast to do. If you go for the hot glue gun method, you might need to color any glue that is showing when it is dry and hardened - you could use a black sharpie to do that. Alternatively, you can use black glue sticks.

The method I'm showing you as another way is to use black cord and a hole punch. It's a bit fiddly but it looks and works better than tape and is a good, workable option if you have no access to a glue gun. Punch 3 holes along the bottom of the design as shown.

A black costume head band

I used cord to tie the design in place

Step 5: Tie the cord through each punched hole and around the head band, knotting to secure each one. You can use black elastic cord, a thin jewelry-making cord or twine to secure the horn design onto the hair accessory.

Two sets of paper masks in black and purple

Different ways of using the free template to make your costume horns

Step 6: This concludes my two different ways (other method below in related posts) to make easy paper based Maleficent horns either for kids dress up, for a party craft or for a Halloween costume.

I hope you've enjoyed reading my justhalloweencrafts page today, thanks for your visit. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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