Zombie Cupcake Ideas and Inspiration

Making a zombie themed cupcake is a hauntingly good idea to use for Halloween and other spooky occasions. Perhaps just because you're a fan of The Walking Dead even.

You can get a fiendishly good feast of ideas and inspiration on decorating these zombie cakes here on this page with some simple instructions and images to view. You don't need to spend all your time baking because these are easy to cook up in a flash. 

Alternatively, try the no-bake version by simply purchasing some ready made little cakes in chocolate or vanilla and then decorating them using the gory ideas shown below.

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Zombie Cupcake Ideas and Inspiration for Halloween

Image Credit: Shared by Kelly DeLay on Flickr with a CC License

Once you've successfully zombi-fied your edible designs, you'd better eat them up fast before they rise up from the dead and have a feast on you.

1: How to Make Zombie Hand Cupcakes

Chocolate frosted cupcake in black and white case with green hand and tombstone decoration
Cupcakes by jamieanne, on Flickr.
Shared with a CC License

This is one of the best cake designs I've seen because it is so simple and yet so effective with a ghoulish green zombie's hand cupcake pick, flecked with blood and trying to push up from it's dirt grave.

You'll get step by step instructions on how you can make this amazing design for yourself. Just make sure to eat them before they eat you.

Step 1: Make or buy some chocolate cupcakes. If you need a recipe then I have one here on AllRecipes that has both US and metric measurements for ingredients. You need to wait until these have cooled down before adding on some buttercream frosting if you haven't got the ready made versions.

Step 2: If you are making your own, you'll need to whip up some delicious buttercream frosting for the tops of your cakes. There's a recipe here if you need one.

Use either a blunt knife or a small palette knife to thickly spread the frosting on top of each cake. You need a nice, generous portion on each one so no skimping. Your frosting does not need to be even or smoothed out because it will actually be mostly hidden.

Step 3: The top of the frosting needs a layer of something that makes it look as though it is covered in dirt or mud. There are a number of ways in which you can achieve this.

One way is to grate up some chocolate and, for this, a mix of both milk and dark chocolate will provide the most realistic appearance for your muddy, dirty graveyard look. Otherwise, you can crush up lots of chocolate Oreos instead.

Either way pop your "mud" into a wide bowl so you can then dip the tops of your frosted cakes into the mixture. Providing your buttercream's not rock solid, it should stick nicely.

If you have trouble getting the dry mix to stick, warm up a little preserve, strawberry or apricot would be fine, and brush this over the frosting before dipping. You can sprinkle over more shavings with your fingers to cover any bare batches.

Green plastic hands with red blood splatter detailing

Cake Decorating Topper Picks Pack of Zombie Hands from Amazon.com

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Step 4: You need your hand pick or topper to place in the middle of each cake. These are normally plastic parts but you can also look for suitable edible ones. Please let guests know if there are non edible parts on the cakes and especially if there are children who may be eating if it's a party.

Step 5: Choose a fun and suitable Halloween themed wrapper like zombie baking cups and you're done. Come see the next idea now.

2: Worm and Tombstone Cupcakes for Halloween

Another simple and fun zombie idea is this tombstone design with a wriggly worm in front. You can just imagine an undead creature appearing any moment here with this yucky scene.

Tombstone or gravestone cupcake in case with an edible worm candy sweet
Zombie Finger Food by Ryan McFarland, on Flickr.
Shared with a CC License.

Step 1: As before you need to make or buy some chocolate cakes. You can use the same recipe from the first idea up top if you need one. You need to wait up again until any baking has cooled completely before you put any topping on.

Step 2: Although this photo doesn't show it, I think it would be rather cool to use a mint frosting recipe for the topping instead here to look like grass.

It will add to a fun look for a zombified theme and choc and mint together are delicious. Spread this over the top generously with a palette knife or a blunt knife, you can smooth this out a little.

Step 3: You make a tombstone or a gravestone by using a cookie, biscuit, wafer or any square or rectangular shaped piece of candy. Then get some squeezy white cookie icing in a bottle that you can write with. You can write RIP on the tombstone or individual names to freak your guests out.

Cake decorating set of themed haunted picks

Set of Haunted Decorative Cupcake Picks at Amazon.com

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Step 4: Pop the grave stone firmly down into the frosting of the cupcake. Use a gummy worm to lay across in front of it and use any other suitable sprinkles and edible decorations to go across your haunted undead graveyard scene.

Step 5: Find a suitable halloween baking cup or wrapper to add to the fun theme and styling of your cakes and you're done. I hope you've enjoyed reading my justhalloweencrafts page today, thanks for your visit. Will you be making any of these up for Halloween.

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