Zombie Brain Jello Trifle

English Trifle is a dessert dish that we love to eat. In case you don't know what this is, it normally comes either in one large glass dish for sharing or in separate glass dishes.

There are many variations on these English desserts but Jello, Custard and Cream are the three main parts. Using the Jello brain made in our previous post (link in the ingredients) you can make this Zombie brain jello trifle. 

Trifle has a layer of jello (Jelly UK) set right at the bottom and sometimes this has pieces of sponge cake in there although we prefer to leave that out. The middle section is really thick custard and the top is whipped cream.

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How to Make a Zombie Brain Jello Trifle for Halloween

Green brain shaped Jello with whipped cream, custard and ghost candy

Make a fun Halloween dessert or pudding that is easy to make and tastes yummy too.

Ingredients to Make This Dessert
  • A Jello or Jelly Brain - Here's the Tutorial on That
  • Extra thick custard - I make mine from powder
  • Thick whipping cream (or double cream, whipped UK)
  • Decorations - we used Ghost Marshmallow Peeps and Candy Skulls
  • A large glass or ceramic dish to hold it all

Jello or jelly set into a plastic mold and turned over onto a glass dish

Step 1: Make up the Jello (Jelly UK) brain using a purpose made brain mold and, as explained in the tutorial linked to from the Ingredients section above, you may need 2 or 3 packets of this mix to fill the mold depending on how large it is. I got away with using 2 packets although 3 may have been slightly better.

I suggest a green flavor jello for a Zombie theme which normally means lime jello but if you're not keen on that flavor then maybe go for a pink or red one like strawberry, raspberry or cherry instead.

Once you've made the brain, you need to get it into the middle of a large dish. My dish was not all that deep, only about 2-3 inches high around the sides. Sometimes Jello can be a little hard to get out of molds.

I place mine upside down over where it needs to come out and sometimes resort to rubbing the outside of the mold over with a cloth dipped into hot water. Warming it up a little on the outside should eventually make it want to fall down onto the dish.

Glass dish with green lime jello middle and thick custard poured around it

Step 2: Once you get the brain in the middle of the dish, you need to add in the custard. You can either buy ready made custard but you need the extra thick variety which will set firmer in the refrigerator.

Because I've never found a ready made version which works as well, I use Birds Custard Powder which I absolutely swear by. You need to carefully follow the directions if you've never made it before and I recommend trying it a few times until you get it spot on.

Once you know how to make it, it is super easy - just go slowly with it and do keep stirring. I had an accident with it once because I had it on a very high heat and didn't keep stirring which burned the bottom of my pan.

You need a gentle heat and stir, stir stir. End results are really super thick custard. I put in an extra spoon to what the directions say to make it even thicker too.

If you make it yourself, you MUST allow it to cool down until it is merely just a bit warm before pouring around your brain. You may not need all the custard depending how much room you have in your dish. Remember to leave room for the cream too.

Cream, custard and jello or jelly make for a yummy trifle

Step 3: Buy or make some thick whipping cream. If you can get double cream, you can make your own by whipping this up in a mixer or KitchenAid with a balloon whisk until it is thick and does not drop off a spoon.

You could even use the kind that comes in a can and squirt it on if you like at the last moment but I'm not sure this will hold any other decorations very well.

Halloween themed zombie trifle with ghosts and eyeball decorations

Step 4: I added some green eye candy in the middle, some marshmallow ghost peeps round the sides and some little skull candy pieces which you can see in the top image.

You can have a lot of fun decorating this. I hope you've enjoyed reading my justhalloweencrafts page today, thanks for your visit. Enjoy your yummy dessert.

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