Savory Halloween Appetizers and Party Snacks

Here's some easy to make and fun ideas for Halloween party snacks and appetizers to satisfy savory cravings. I know from previous experience how hard it often is to get some sensible ideas and inspiration for savory food. Not everyone has a sweet tooth.

Last year, I hunted for savory Halloween snack and appetizer ideas but ended up having to rustle up my own. So this spook-time season, you won't have to look to the exact same extent that I did seeing as there are already suggestions here for you to use.

With this particular fun time of year, you can definitely get away with relying on the presentation of the food. You don't have to learn a ton of new recipes because you can easily buy in items and just present them in a manner which will suit the season.

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Easy Savory Halloween Appetizers and Party Snacks

Savory dips served in carved pumpkin style bowls

I do enjoy cooking but I don't have the time to spend too long in the kitchen so I want items which can simply be prepared the day before or made up quite quickly so I get to enjoy socializing with my guests. Have a Spooktacular time!

1) Moldy Guacamole Dip Served in Orange Pumpkins

A really fun way to present your dips, such as guacamole, is to carve yourself up a large orange instead of a pumpkin. You don't need to waste any of the the flesh of the orange because you can pop it all in a blender and then sieve out the juice to make up some fresh fruit drinks. That's what I did with it last year.

Guacamole dip served up as Guacamoldy in carved orange fruit

See How to Make Mini 'Pumpkin' Halloween Dip Pots Here

A quick run-down for this holder is as follows: take a large orange and slice a tiny wedge from the bottom of it, not cutting into the soft interior, so you can stand the orange up without it falling over. You're just taking off a thin slice at the bottom so that the orange fruit is able to stand on a flat surface.

Cut off the top 1/3rd of the orange and scoop out the soft flesh. Use a small knife to carve a face or design into the front of the orange, line with aluminum foil and empty your guacamole dip into your new container. I labeled mine as Guacamoldy which was an idea I found online. Ideas and recipes for other dips can be found on this page.

Guacamole and Other Dip Recipes

Here is the complete selection of dips that I had for Halloween, along with breadsticks for dipping:

1) Guacamole - which I called Guacamoldy - Guacamole Recipe

2) Chili Cheese dip - I named it Spicy Cheese Pot - Chili Cheese Recipe

3) Cheese and chive dip - this was called Cheese and Rat Droppings Dip

4) Salsa dip - which was called Blood and Gore dip - Salsa Recipe

These dips were a huge success at our buffet party.

More Fun Ways to Serve up the Dips

4 dips served in pumpkin style carved oranges with breadsticks

All the Savory Halloween Dips - Call the Breadsticks, Witches Fingers to Gross Your Guests Out

🎃 Find Some Cool Halloween Dip Bowls Here

If you're short on time, you might not want to be carving oranges to present your dips and sauces in. That's where a fun little jack-o-lantern bowl and spreader comes in handy. It's cute and fun. Or how about a realistic looking glossy ceramic platter and bowl which can be used for dips and more?

2) Bloody Eyeball Tomatoes

These 'bloody eyeballs' not only look good but are a reasonably healthy and tasty snack for guests to feast on too.

I used small cherry tomatoes which are a perfect pop in the mouth size but in hindsight these were probably a wee bit small and fiddly to prepare. Next time I will be using slightly larger tomatoes which are not as fiddly to hold and core.

Cherry tomatoes halved and stuffed with cream cheese filling

Soft cheese and tomato are a classic combination but you can fill the empty cavity with something else such as cooked sausage meat which also is a great flavor taste with those too.

To prepare the tomatoes: cut off the tops and then use a tomato corer to scoop out the soft flesh. That will leave a nice sized cavity to fill up with soft cream cheese, Brie or something else like cooked sausage meat or a pate. I liked the contrast with the soft cheese and the deep red tomato flesh.

I should have used a black olive to make the middle section for the eye pupil but I ended up using dried apricot as that's what I had available on the day! It still worked and looked good. The end result looks like a set of really creepy eyeballs.

Add to the Eyeball Theme

Look for a fun or gross salt and pepper shaker set for Halloween. Most shaker sets are magnetic so that you can keep them facing in the right direction - it's fun if you have a pair of eyeballs watching your guests! How about adding on napkins and a dip tray too!

3) Stuffed Cockroaches in a Coffin

Thank goodness these taste so much better than they look! I love dates which make a brilliantly healthy snack option and they are delicious as they are and especially stuffed with some cheese. I like to de-stone mine and then fill with a soft cheese or Brie which is really divine to eat - yum.

If you like blue cheese then try that paired with the dates. I have called these dates, stuffed 'roaches because they do look a bit like those nasty little cockroaches when laid out to eat.

Dates stuffed with a cream cheese filling and served as stuffed roaches

Sadly I forgot to take a photo at the time of the container they were in which I decorated to look like a coffin. I simply printed off a wooden coffin design from online and used it on top of the box the dates came in. It looked just like you were opening a coffin with these little cockroaches inside. The guests loved that and they were a real hit when passed around.

Serve Dates in a Coffin!

Look for a cool ceramic vampire coffin is designed to hold dips and comes with a cute RIP spreader as well. I wish I'd seen this before I spent ages making a coffin for my cockroach dates!

4) Dead Fly Coleslaw Salad

Drop some raisons into coleslaw to look like dead flies. This took almost no preparation because it's just a simple coleslaw salad that you can either make or buy then emptied into a bowl with the addition of some raisins on top. Raisins and sultanas actually work well with coleslaw and taste delicious but look very much like dead flies scattered on top!

Coleslaw with raisins added to look like dead flies

In low-level lighting which you're likely to have for that Halloween atmosphere, the raisins look like they could easily pass for dead flies or mouse droppings - eugh.

Simple but effective which proves that you don't need to spend a ton of time preparing food for your party. Keeping it simple can work best. Just use your imagination and think up some good names for your unusual food!

5) More Savory Ideas and Recipes

Recipe for dead rats using chicken

Gross meat hand from NotMartha

Lots of creepy food

Novel and fun buffet party food selection for October 31st

A Selection of Some of the Fun Snacks and Appetizers I Served up Last Halloween!

Just a few years back I hosted my very first Halloween party. "What," I hear you say. Well, I happen to live in a very small and charming English town in the UK.

This event isn't yet such a big thing in this country - at least not in the smaller and less populated areas. But I adore anything to do with this occasion and I was determined to have a fun and stress-free buffet.

Finding ideas for savory snacks that were simple to prepare wasn't easy at all. I found a few ideas online but nearly everything was for sweet treats and I'm more of an appetizer kind of gal.

I hope you've enjoyed reading my justhalloweencrafts page today, thanks for your visit. If you loved these easy ideas, feel free to leave a comment below.

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