Felt Applique Wreath Kits for Fall and Thanksgiving

Wreaths can make really wonderful wall and door hangings that you can use to adorn your home come the Fall and autumnal season and also Thanksgiving. You can celebrate the occasion by taking the time to sew a pretty felt kit or by buying one to gift to a special friend.

Bucilla make some really amazing looking felt applique wreath kits that contain just about all you need to make some wonderfully intricate and detailed decorations.  

The instructions are normally pretty detailed and, should you get stuck, there are always helpful YouTube videos and pages online that can aid you with certain stitches and finishing details too. I found a couple of sets here which are just ideal for the Fall season.

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Felt Applique Wreath Kits for Fall and Thanksgiving Crafting

Sunflowers and Fall Leaves against a brick wall

These sets can take a bit of work in terms of how long it will take to make them but they are not too difficult providing that you can already sew and you are willing to read instructions properly.

Felt applique wreath kits can be such a fun and relaxing way to enjoy the run up to this autumnal season and help to get you in the mood for a wonderful time of year.

Bucilla felt wreath set for the Fall and Harvest season

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This is a stunning looking felt wreath set for the occasion. It uses sunflower, pumpkin, gourd, acorn and leaf motifs and symbols all the way around and highlights all the details with sequins to make each piece stand out and sparkle.

Sunflower plants are a real favorite of this season and are often associated with this time of year. I love the brightness these bring to the whole decorative piece.

Bucilla Felt Applique Wall Hanging Kit 86831 Fall WreathBucilla Felt Applique Wall Hanging Wreath Kit, 17 by 17-Inch, 86563 Witch's BrewBucilla Felt Applique Wall Hanging Kit, 15 by 22.5-Inch, 86693 WitchBucilla Felt Applique Wall Hanging Kit, 13.5 by 15.5-Inch, 86692 Pumpkins

Of course this should not be used for an outside door due to the fact that it is made from felt and took hours of careful stitching and assembling. This is a wonderful keepsake that you should be proud of and want to hang indoors every time Thanksgiving comes around.

Why not place the finished wreath near to your table where you eat and give thanks for your harvest bounty. You will surely want to show it off to your visiting guests. It can add to your decor or you can purchase this set as a gift and give it to a crafty friend or relative for them to enjoy making instead.

Wreath with owls and Fall leaves

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Owl and bird fans should really enjoy this wonderfully colorful looking wreath set which features a trio of owls perched on branches along with a pretty background of Fall leaves in colors of the season: mustard yellows, rustic oranges and greens.

Can you spot the cute little acorns in there as well. Any real bird fan and crafter should really enjoy making up this set which is colorful and fun. I can imagine how much children will enjoy viewing this particular design too.

Felt is an easy fabric to sew with. I have enjoyed sewing with this material for years. I love the fact that it needs no hemming since the edges don't fray and you can really use your imagination with it. These kits are very detailed and they will take time to make which means they are a bit of a challenge.

If you enjoy sitting down doing relaxing crafts such as sewing (easy to do while listening to audiobooks, music or even watching the TV) then you should probably like this. Please allow enough time to make it though before you want to display it. Thanks for your visit. I'm happy to receive comments below.

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