The Princess Bride Halloween Potion Bottle Labels

The princess bride free printable label designs for apothecary potion bottles this Halloween crafting season

I've never seen any free Princess Bride potion bottle labels before and I wanted some for my Halloween apothecary cabinet display. So I made up 3 fun printable designs which I'm sharing with you today. They are all based on things from the book by William Goldman and the fantasy movie.

We've got Iocane Powder which is that deadly toxin, Miracle Max's Miracle Resurrection Pill and a True Love Potion all on one printable sheet. If you love The Princess Bride half as much as I do, you'll be wanting these to add a bit of this cult classic into your Halloween decor.

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About Your Free Princess Bride Potion Bottle Labels

1: Iocane Powder Poison Label

Battle of Wits Iocane Powder Odorless Tasteless Dissolves Immediately

Iocane powder is really rather inconceivably good at dispatching enemies.

Iocane powder is used in The Battle of Wits scene between the Dread Pirate Roberts and Vizzini. It's one of the deadliest toxins known to man because it is odorless, tasteless and it dissolves immediately. You could say that it is inconceivably good at getting rid of your enemies. At least it would be, if it was real!

black painted jar with iocane label and satin bow detail

These labels work well stuck on to jars and bottles painted in black. The label was stuck first on to some gold textured paper before adding some flat back Swarovski rhinestone gems in a gold tone. A simple black satin ribbon bow with gold dots completes the look.

2: Miracle Max's Miracle Resurrection Pill

Miracle max princess bride it would take a miracle

Will the resurrection pill work? It would take a miracle!

Miracle Max has the unenviable task of bringing Westley back from being mostly dead. He comes up with an unusual cure with a pill the size of a golf ball. It's all coated in some chocolate to help it slip down the throat a little easier. There's only one catch; it is supposed to work for only 60 minutes.

3: A True Love Potion: Inspired by Westley and Princess Buttercup

Death cannot stop true love. It can only delay it for a little while.

Death cannot stop true love. All it can do is delay it for a while. 

The greatest love of all is the romance between Westley and Princess Buttercup. Even death cannot get in the way of true love. So it's clearly the most powerful potion going. If you tweasure your twue wuv, make sure you print this one out and display it well with the rest of your Halloween props.

Black bottle with heart shaped label for true love apothecary design

Dotted around the heart shape label are some dark pink color heart beads and some flat back pink rhinestone gems. The bottom of the label has pale pink ribbon bow detail and hanging beads are tied around the neck of this potion bottle.

The Princess Bride Free Halloween Printable

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